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About HOMER 90's

HOMER Hardware Inc. has been specializing in variety metal products for different types of hardware and customized profession field products for more than three decade. We are successfully on all kinds of processing high standard on production, designing, producing, packaging, and shipment. Our product line covers: variety vehicle’s seat buckles and strikers, auto parts, clothing and pet parts, all kinds of hinges, latches, handles, bathroom and various furniture metal stamping parts.

How We Work

We do our utmost on EVERY SINGLE details!
With both soft and hard skills, we have been a member of ISO 9001: 2015 Certification quality management systems near three decades as to strive towards ever-improving quality. In terms of hardware equipment, we have precision punching machines, CNC car washing equipment with high-level programming language, and various testing instruments (such as: tensile test, salt spray test, hardness test and fatigue test) to conduct all-round inspection and quality control. In terms of soft skills, our team is built in high efficiency, high professional, and rich experiences. We can design, draw, make models, analyze finished products, conduct strict quality control for each product, and follow-up services for our clients.

Related Certification

Certificate Number: GITW-0288-QC

Certificate Number: GITW-0288-QC